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Why my graphics changed from R7 M265 DX to R6 graphics?

Question asked by hadifchelsea on Oct 8, 2015

Hello AMD Users, Admins and Technicians.


This is a very strange case that has happened to me. I have an ASUS Notebook X550ZE and here's the link of my official notebook specifications from ASUS website:


X550ZE | Notebooks | ASUS Global


In the website my graphics are supposed to be AMD Radeon® R5 M230 + Radeon® R7 M265 DX Dual Graphics with 2GB DDR3 VRAM Built-in A10-7400P.  When I first acquired this notebook and installed the AMD Display drivers through the DVD provided by ASUS it shows my graphics exactly like above (It was when I still at Windows 8.1). But now I have upgraded to Windows 10 and updated the drivers to the latest 15.9.1 Beta from AMD website and now it has changed from R7 M265DX to R6 graphics. This has screwed up the dual graphics options, changed the device info, and drastically reduce the performance of my games and applications. I tried to revert back to the drivers that ASUS provided but turns out it's only compatible in Windows 8.1(which is Catalyst version 13.352.1015.0). ASUS hasn't release driver for Windows 10 yet. Instead of waiting for ASUS is there any other way that I can do to extract and install specific drivers from the AMD Catalyst Device drivers install package?


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.