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Need Help Urgently please!

Question asked by punk4evr on Oct 7, 2015

Hello.  Well, I'm in the middle of doing a AMD system build, and my car was vandalized and  I had to pay for repairs.  As such, I no longer have money for parts!!!

What I'm really looking for is something like a r9 280x  or similar? I can offer something for it, email me and we can discuss it please! 

I'm begging here.


Also, if anyone happened to spare 1600 ddr3 ram, I would be eternally grateful.  Those are the only things left really, except a CPU, if someone has and old AM3 FX cpu going to wast, please let me know.


Well thts it.  I'm happy to discuss all options.  I really need to get this done.


Thank You,


Gary Cotugno.