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Does Hydravision work with 7790

Question asked by herboren on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by amdmatt

I removed all of AMD variants from my machine including ATI. Downloaded the latest drivers, video and chipset, incl Hydravision. I reinstalled the chipset package which apparently had the newest drivers inside. Hydravision does not want to work with my 7790, or the brand new drivers I installed, I made a video (no sound) of my install process. It contains, dxdiag, device manager, add/remove programs, to show that nothing exists in the beginning, and that something exists after installation of all media. Hydravision is then run again and still producing the same error.


When I first received my card 2 years ago, Hydravision worked like a charm, then AMD released an update that hosed this ability, I tried to install the previous driver that it worked on and received nothing but the same error. Hydravision is the only thing that Ik now will allow desktop management in an Eyefinity group. I have tried display fusion, but display fusion only allows managed desktop grid outside of an Eyefinity group. So I have no solutions.


Google Drive Video URL: AMD Catalyst Package Install & Hydravision

note: The catalyst driver change the resolution upon installation which cut majority of the desktop off, but the videos transitions to other periods of the process after the computer restarts.


I have followed several processes that I have found at places, to show that I have tried each process

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Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium

CPU: Zambezi Quad Core

HDD: Samsung EVO 250

GPU: Radeon HD 7790