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R9 M290x black screen freeze

Question asked by deleaiye on Oct 7, 2015

My laptop(Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A)) of one year now with a R9 M290x (4GB) gpu froze up on me, while I was playing a game called SOMA recently.I had to do a hard reset , I restarted and tried a couple of times with the same results till it just stopped booting into windows. It would just freeze with a black screen. I went into safe mode and used DDU to remove the AMD drivers after that I could boot but I could not install the AMD drivers again. During installation it would freeze and show a black screen till I hard reset. I even reset my OS(win 10) and had the same issue. All the while the "High performance"LED is always permanently on when I remove the AMD drivers. I went back into safe mode and updated the drivers via device manager and it showed up as 8970m(this is possible because during the AMD installation it first copies the drivers and setup to C:): drive. If I try to boot up I get the same Frozen black screen unless I go back and remove the drivers or disable the AMD gpu. So basically now I have an expensive laptop that can't game. Any suggestions?