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2 Radeon HD6800 cards driving 5 independent monitor - setup suggestions?

Question asked by reedda on Oct 5, 2015

Have an alienware with (2) HD6800 cards installed.  Trying to avoid purchasing a new computer (don't ask).  Recommendations were to install (3) lower tech GEForce GT610 cards, but I don't have a 3rd PCI slot in this machine (of course).   Attempting to drive 5 independent VGA monitors and a 6th "real" monitor for a project I am building.  Although I understand you are supposed to be able to do this with the AMD cards, for some reason I can't seem to get anything any video feed from 2nd card - everything off first card is acting as an extended desktop.    Eyefinity and Crossfire are both disabled.  Am I forced to use DisplayPort and do I need active DP adapters to drive the VGA cards?  I'm sure someone will require more information to be able to assist.   Website and internet seem to be worthless.   


Thoughts for multi-monitor setups for dummys?