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    GPU not being used in game (Fifa 16)




      I'm having a problem running Fifa 16 on my PC.

      Firsty, I would like to say that I have already tried updating all drivers and re-installing the game.

      The problem is, the game doesn't appear to be using my GPU to run, which causes the FPS to drop to between 1-5 as soon as I get past the settings selection, which obviously means the game is unplayable.

      Using MSI afterburner, I can see that the GPU is always at 0% when in game, which isn't the case when using other games (Skyrim), which runs fine at Ultra settings.

      I'm using an AMD R9 280 GPU and an AMD FX 6300 CPU.

      Another sign that the game isn't using the GPU as it should, is the fact that I can't change the resolution in the settings, which is fixed at 1280x720, as no other options are available, and the game always starts in windowed mode, as the "Full screen" option is grayed out, and  cannot be selected.

      It seems to me that for whatever reason, the game is refusing to use the GPU.


      Has anyone experienced this with Fifa 16 or other games, or have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Joe Hallifax,


          It sounds as if the game configuration files might be corrupted in Origin, i would try repairing the game files.




          Do you get the pop up prior to the game launching where you can change settings?


          Whilst the game is running in Windowed Mode, please Press Alt + Enter to switch the game to Full Screen Mode.

          Are you logged in as an Administrator?

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              I do get the pop up before the game starts, where I have the option to change the settings, but there is only one option for the resolution and I can't select "Full screen", as the option is grayed out and unclickable.

              I have tried using Alt+Enter to make the game full screen, windows makes a notification sound, and nothing happens.

              I am logged in as Admin.

              I have alos noticed that in Origin, the game says "Play while game is downloading", which is odd considering I have never downloaded the game, I installed from CD. But this would lead me to believe maybe files are missing? But when I use the "repair game" option as you suggested, everything seems fine, and Origin doesn't say anything is missing or must be downloaded.