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Confusing CPU Temperature Readings on new AMD FX-8370! Which is accurate and what software should I use?

Question asked by blazingspeed on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Hardwood

I built a new Custom Gaming PC for my dad. It's an AMD FX 8370 8 Core Processor. I am using the stock AMD CPU Cooler provided with the processor.


The problem is that I cannot identify what the CPU Temperatures are. RealTemp is what I use for my Quad Core Q8400. But unfortunately it's incompatible with AMD's CPUs.


I downloaded CoreTemp it shows as only 8 degrees celcius, while SpeedFan shows 34 degree celcius. But on AMD Overdrive it shows 62 degree celcius for all cores.


I am confused what are the most accurate readings! On Bios it reads between 32-47 degree celcius. How can I determine which temperature readings are accurate? And what is the safest maximum cpu temperature for the AMD FX 8370 CPU?


Many thanks!