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    Hang your computer


      I happened across this today and thought to myself...'Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?'. Well I thought someone here could tell me if I'm just late to the party, or is this a cool idea or what?



      Mount Your PC To the Wall With Thermaltake's Core P5 ATX Case




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          It is a really incredible looking and well designed case for displaying your components...The only issue is that as of late, Thermaltake has been stealing designs from other smaller manufacturers, as is the case with the above Core P5 ATX mountable case. The original designer to the best my knowledge of this design is Lian Li, a smaller Taiwanese based manufacturer. Check out the links below and you'll see quite the resemblance to say the least.


          Now, I'm all in favor of healthy competition, but since Thermaltake has quite the financial backing to develop their own idea's and designs in my opinion this situation all comes down to principles. Since they're also a known brand and have established relationships with retailers, they're basically profiting vastly off of smaller companies ideas and limiting growth of the actual revolutionary designers that deserve the notoriety and success that comes with it.


          Now although Thermaltake's execution on these designs are coming to the market at a much lower suggested price (Which is always great for the consumer), they're being developed with much, much lower quality materials, which is of course somewhat expected when that occurs. Yet, due to their lower price point, they've basically eliminated (in this case) Lian Li's ability to compete, since Lian Li's cases are more expensive to produce due to their materials being of higher quality.


          So when the average consumer is shopping on the internet and see's both manufacturer's cases on the same selling page, then realizes that the Thermaltake case is much cheaper, they'll likely choose theirs instead. So, it just adds insult to injury in this situation and really makes me question the leadership at Thermaltake's integrity.


          Anyways, these case designs really are pretty fantastic for displaying components and after seeing these for the first time, I also couldn't believe that no one thought of this before.


          Lian Li's mountable cases (Open Air)












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            People in the modding community have been hanging their computers on the wall for a while now. For the most part though they've always been a DIY mod of some sort. Anyways it really is a novel idea. It's not for me, but I still have to admire it. The one thing that gives me pause in their design is the large metal rods holding the glass, I think they should have went with something a little more subtle (maybe kept them black instead of chrome) so as to not compete with the system components for attention.