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    W8100 and Windows 10 - "Crazy" colours




      Just built a new PC with ASUS Z170-A, i7 7600k, 32GB RAM, W8100 on windows 10 x64 and have the driver version 15.200.1045.0


      Having a strange issue where colours go "crazy" in certain circumstances.  In solidworks the colour issue happens occasionally, but one way of always creating the problem is using the windows snipping tool  (example attached).


      Not sure where the problem is but since it's across software I'm thinking it might be a driver issue?


      I do have a colour profile applied (x-rite publish pro), but don't think that this could be the issue


      Just wondering if anyone had any ideas!



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          Sorry, didn't "google the problem enough".  resolved the problem with a workaround.


          Apparently there is an issue with 10bit colour depth support.  deselect the check box in the control centre and the problem goes away... although it does mean that 10bit support in windows 10 with the latest driver is broken...