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Fury x Causing force restarting computer

Question asked by vaellian on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by vaellian

This happens only in Two games as of yet, Dead Space 1, And H1Z1, i don't know what the games have in common. but it only happens with them. and this only started happening when i upgraded from an AMD HD 7970 to my Fury X


I can start the game fine, It loads. but once it finishes loading. but before the main menu can show up, my computer force restarts. It happens on like a 50% ratio on Dead Space, and out of the three times i tried to log into H1Z1 it has happened every time. always right before the main menu.


gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 rev 1.1
Amd Fx-8350

Gigabyte Fury X
Windows 10


I have can run any of my other games ATM. It's not overheating... it's water cooled lol never goes above 45. I've stress tested the computer at 100% load with as much CPU load as i could manage. so it's not a problem with the power supply putting out enough juice. especially since this is happening at the main menu of the two games. with Dead Space if it doesn't crash at the main menu, i have no problems playing it for hours at 300+ FPS (i have a 144 Hz monitor and the V sync is buggy on that game so i leave it off).



Any thoughts would be amazing