DirectX 12 Q&A on Thursday!

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You've seen the Ashes of the Singularity and Fable Legends benchmarks. You know that AMD GCN powered hardware delivers low latency, high FPS gaming performance. Armed with this information, you have a few questions about the API. We'd like to help!  On Thursday, October 8th please join myself and Robert Hallock, AMD Technical Marketing Manager, for a DirectX 12 Q&A session!


From 2-4pm CDT on Thursday, Robert will be answering all your DirectX 12 questions live! We can't guarantee all of your on-topic questions will be answered, but we'll try! The name of the thread will be “DirectX 12: Q&A with Robert Hallock".


Until then, check out Robert explaining why he is excited for this new technology:


See you on Thursday!


EDIT 10/8: Please post your questions here DirectX 12: Q&A with Robert Hallock