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Windows 10 Black Screen (Yes, Another Black Screen Thread)

Question asked by atrixa on Oct 5, 2015
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I am aware their are many threads already on this subject but I am still unable to find a thread that has the same problem as myself.


My spec's are; AMD Radeon HD 7850

                         Intel i5 2nd gen
                         AOC ultrawide monitor
                         900W PSU


I'm almost 100% sure this is not a hardware problem having checked by chopping and changing hardware with a friends PC.


Anyway, every time I start my PC after the initial Del/F2 BIOS screen, windows 10 starts to load. But when the Log In screen is supposed to show up all I get is a black screen with no mouse cursor (and no sound).


Occasionally it will give the option to log in using windows safe mode (which I don't know how to manually activate, it just seems random). When safe mode is activated everything is fine, i can log in and see a low resolution display without the PC connecting to internet.



I see device manager and delete the current display driver but it seems to reinstall on restart


I downloaded the latest drivers on my laptop and put them on a flash drive but when I try to install them on the PC an error occurs; "Failed to load detection driver"


Is there anything I can do to get my PC back working before I start work again tomorrow?


Thanks a Bunch