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    BSOD only after Sleep - Different Bugcheck Codes in different Windows Drivers.


      Hello everybody!


      I've a problem with my new system (2 month old now), and i think i basically ruled everything out except the graphics card, the cpu itself and the mainboard.

      The problem is the system sometimes, not always, wont resume properly after putting it into the sleep mode and crashes with different BSODs (irql_not_less_or_equal, bad pool header, kmode_exception_not_handled, etc.) in some random windows drivers, mostly the kernel ntoskrnl.exe itself. Since the BSOD is always different, I thought of a ram problem at first, but I've tested 3 different dimms now, I also rum memtest86 for 4 hours on them, and there wasn't any errors with them at all. But the BSODs stayed. The System once ran for 14 days without problems, so that i am personally thinking of a driver problem. Also, there wasn't any application crashes yet, only BSOD. Which might indicate a driver as well because of its different memory space.

      Finally, last week i did a complete fresh install of windows 10 with mostly only hardware drivers and BF4 + Origin to test the system, and it still crashed. So no "software" drivers (i.e. VMware, etc), except the preinstalled Microsoft Defender.


      To sum up everything, things i've tried so far:


      • The system is new, so maybe hardware related?
      • The Stop Codes only happen after sleep during wake up so far.
      • I am sure that I had the same problem with the one week i was running Windows 8.1 before i updated to Windows 10. So it's maybe not Windows 10 related.
      • I did run a sfc /scannnow, it passed without errors.
      • memtest86 run for 4h without any error. I've also changed to different dimms.
      • I already updated all drivers and the bios (F9). Catalyst Version 15.7
      • SMART long tests without errors
      • Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool passed
      • chkdsk /F /R C: is also clean
      • I almost uninstalled all software with drivers (.sys) except those for (well known) Hardware. Not that much was installed yet, but ..
      • Finally, did a clean install last week, no change.
      • Changed Wifi adapter. The BSOD stayed.
      • The only hardware i did not swap yet is the GPU, CPU and the Mainboard.
      • No overclocking whatsoever.


      Here are 11 Minidums, dxdiag, systeminfo and all system / hardware related infos. I can upload some full memory.dmp's as well if someone cares..



      The System:

      Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 380 OC Dual-X Nitro

      Gigabyte GA Z97X-Sli

      Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3

      be quiet! Straight Power 10 500W CM

      Crucial MX200 250GB

      2x Crucial BLS8G3D1609DS1S00 Ballistix 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz CL9

      Asus USB N13 WiFi


      Windows 10 64Bit

      AMD Catalyst Version 15.7



      So, my question finally: Is this any common problem with the R9 300 Radeons? I searched a bit and i couldn't find any hints in this direction. So, it is probably not the case. I'm thinking of RMAing the Radeon as a next step, even though i'm not 100% sure if it is the cause of my problem since the lack of clear indications and even though i'm personally thinking its a driver problem, so it probably won't affect anything at all and is a waste..


      Thanks for any possible help.



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          Same here, BSOD, after sleep but I have Gigabyte Radeon 7950(GV-R795WF3-3GD v2). Posted this problem in details before amd website 'refresh' with feedback form, seems no result? heh. So I turned off sleep mode in windows, on PC's with such power consumption sleep mode very important I think.
          I have many amd vga cards, and must said I don't remember I experience this problem on 6870 or 7750.


          MB: Gigabyte 990FXA UD3

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              Yea, its a kinda annoying issue. I won't give up on sleep, even if booting from a ssd doesn't take that much time in nowadays, but it's still a few minutes until you've loaded up all applications, files other things.. I've also spend much more time on this freaking issue than i originally thought of and it's still not properly solved

              I haven't build any desktop system in the last 10 years, I've only had notebooks and not a single issues with drivers in that time.. Maybe it's really worth the money to spend on prebuild systems from some well known vendors. ..


              Thanks for you reply. I've checked up your motherboard, there isn't a single chip (lan, audio, ..) in common, except for the manufacturer.

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              Try the 15.7.1 Beta drivers and turning off ulps. I have the same problem with Fury X running the 15.7.1 drivers and disabling ulps seems to help . So no I would not go crazy on replacing components. Also try extending the time your computer sleeps to 1 HR.

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                  Thanks for your reply.


                  I'll try the ULPS settings out and report back. The 14 days the system was stable without a crash, i'm not sure what i actually changed since I did sleep/suspend my machine just as before. Maybe I didn't play as much/different games, but that would be kinda strange if a user mode application could influence the system that much. Maybe it really is the graphics cards driver and it was less stressed in that time, but it still could be the ALC 1150 Realtek HD audio chip or the Intel LAN on my Mainboard..


                  As a last option if no one else comes up with other hints.. I was thinking of getting a 30 bucks nvidia card or ask a fried to switch cards for a few days. Then i would be sure at least if its the graphics card or not.

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                  I've some updates regarding my sleep issue.


                  I've found out that the BSOD during wake up from sleep only happens after I've played battlefield 4. After playing, within 2-4 suspend cycles the machine won't wake up and instead fault with one of the described stop codes in the top post. Since I've only played two different games on this machine yet, BF 4 and CIV 5, and CIV 5 doesn't show this behavior, I'm still not sure who's to blame ..


                  The system is totally fine if I only watch videos, do office and programming stuff..

                  I'm really no into game development but it seems ridiculous to me if a game could cause this on it's own without a faulty driver, at least in normal app programming you should only use official APIs. On the other hand are games, and even the graphics drivers heavily optimized towards every single AAA game, so maybe it actually is a DICE/BF4 issue?


                  CIV 5 is so old, they still offer a DirectX 9 launcher and people in this forum seem to have problems related to DirectX 11 games on the R9 300 series which BF 4 is too. So, maybe I should test some different, more current, heavy graphics games?


                  I wonder if no one else here plays BF4 on a R9 300 and and suspends their machine afterwards? I honestly can't be the only one with this issue..

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                    Just to let you know, I finally found a solution and it wasn't the AMD graphics card at all.


                    After buying a 28€ GT210 von MSI and running into the same problems, I focused back on the mainboard / ram. I figured out, that indeed not only the OS memory was screwed sometimes, but also the applications memory, but mostly windows services crashed and immediately restarted and nothing I regularly see on the desktop. The wired thing though was, that running the system for, say, three days straight without entering the sleep mode, everything was perfectly fine, no crashes, nothing in the Windows Event Viewer. But starting a high memory usage application like BF4 to fill the ram and entering suspend immediately corrupted the ram content.


                    So, I reloaded memtest86, this time for 6 passes and not a single error. I was really out of ideas and went back to searching the web to specially search for crucial ballistix gigabyte sleep issues and found that many people with gigabyte boards run into sleep errors which mostly weren't resolved. But I found a single post were someone mentioned that raising the ram voltage solved his particular problem. I thought I'd give it a try and tried the JEDEC instead of the XMP profile with no luck, but raising the ram voltage by one tick from 1.50V to 1.52V successfully brushed away all my stability problems! I can finally use this crappy machine the way it was intended to be. The exact ram DIMM is even listed on their compatibility sheet.


                    Thanks gigabyte for wasting my time. First and last mainboard for sure!




                    For everyone having sleep issues with application crashes, BSODs after entering sleep and having a totally fine system else, might give a try in raising the ram voltage a bit. It looks like the voltage drops below some specific threshold by entering the S3 state which corrupts the DIMMs content. I cannot explain it otherwise.

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                        THANK YOU for posting this fix!!!!  I registered an account here to validate this fix and say thanks.

                        I just recently built a machine for my brother using a gigabyte ga-z97-sli, 16 gigs of Ballistix Sport RAM, and an AMD 7950 card.  Every time it went to sleep, it seemed to "lock up" requiring a hard reset (while asleep).  When windows booted, it reported a BSOD error, claiming to have suffered from BSOD blah blah. The machine is 1200 miles away from me so details are sparse.  BlueScreenView.exe tool for viewing the dump file suggested that it was the AMD driver at fault, when in fact, the RAM voltage needed to be changed from Auto (1.5v) to 1.52.  It is so far 100% solid with the RAM at 1.52v


                        Thanks again for taking the time to report your fix to us.  Without it, we'd be stuck in hell trying to fix this.

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                        It is highly suggested that you refresh the all of your drivers to the most recent Windows 10-compatible forms, particularly your sound, graphics, and network adapter drivers, which are regularly in charge of BSODs under recently upgraded windows 10 installations. I fully hope after it you don't have faulty hardware corrupted page and if still you found same error then may some need to see in configuration area.