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problem with the sensor

Question asked by szarek on Oct 5, 2015

Yesterday, without doing anything strange, the fan of the GPU (AMD hd7950) estarted going really fast (like 75%). I was doing nothing that could justifie it so I checked the GPU temp and get shock by the 85ºC it marked. So I shuted down the comp and after a while powered it on again, and even in the begiing it the temperature shown is 85ºC.

Then I opened the computer to check if it was really hot but doesnt fell like. The catalist control center and the program GPU Temp both are saying that the temp is 85ºC, but AIDA64 says thet the GPU ambient temp is 30ºC or 85ºF.

I am not sure if thats the problem or how can something like that appen.


Btw I already upgraded the drivers and cleaned the card. Also the temp chages in the 80-95ºC (I am to scared to let it get hotter)


Thank you very much, and sorry for my poor english.