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    Echelon Node



      I went mini-ITX for a hoped for renaissance in LAN evenings, that never eventuated. But the challenge of building inside a limited space gave me the chance to refine down to exactly what I needed with no excess.

      Node304 017.JPG

      This is my previous XFX HD6950 inside the Node, I don't have a current pic that does it justice with my HD7950.  Waiting on a nice sunny day .


      If you wait too long... Here's the MSI HD7950 inside my Node:





      CPUi7 4770
      CoolerBeQuiet Shadow Rock Slim
      MotherboardAsus Z97i-Plus
      Memory8GB G.Skill RipJawz 1600MHz
      GraphicsMSI HD7950 TF3
      Disc Drive 1240GB Samsung 840 SSD
      Disc Drive 21TB WD Black
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUFractal Design Integra M 550W
      CaseFractal Design Node 304
      MonitorLG IPS 24inch 1080P


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