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CodeXL does not detect Catalyst and GPU on latest debian.

Question asked by on Oct 4, 2015
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I installed the debian package of CodeXL without problems. The gui loads without problems and I checked that the correct libgl is found by CodeXL.

However the log in the lower left corner says that neither my AMD GPU (R7 270X) nor the Catalyst driver where detected. Therefore many features are disabled. I am specifically interested in the Static analyzer and the GPU profiler.


I use the current fglrx-driver (15.9) package on an up to date Debian stretch system. I also tried earlier versions of fglrx (for example 14.9 and 15.7), but it makes no difference. Unfortunately the debian packages for the driver on the AMD website require ancient kernel versions (I use the standard 4.2 kernel in the Debian repository) and are generally problematic (I have not read a single report of anyone successfully using them on debian, the debian supplied ones are quite reliable).


How does CodeXL try to detect catalyst and the GPU? How can I fix it to detect my driver and GPU correctly?


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Florian Uekermann