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Can't figure this out - dual graphics, no performance change.

Question asked by dave23 on Oct 5, 2015
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2GB Asus r7 250 OC

8GB ddr3 1866 Ripjaw X

250 GB HDD

Asrock a58m-hd+ r2.0

Windows 10 pro


Display driver 15.7


Hello I'm having some problems getting any performance changes from this setup, CCC is confirmed dual graphics enabled. When I load wildstar, even the dual graphics logo pops up. That's fine and all, though I'm not seeing 1 frame difference in performance. Am I missing something? I've tried everything suggested around the internet and nothing seems to work. I pulled my gpu out today and the fps were exactly the same. Is there a bottle neck or something? What can I do to fix it? are the 2 different clock speeds on the graphics conflicting with each other? Any advice would be great, thank you.