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Computer with Radeon R7 260X Hang Ramdomly

Question asked by mshameen on Oct 5, 2015

Dear Support,


We have around 6 new PCs with below configuration.


Dell Latitude 9020

Windows 7 64 Bit OS

Intel Core i7


500 GB HDD

Builtin Intel HD 4600 Display

Additional Radeon R7 260X (2048 MB GDDR5) Card


Primary monitor connected Radeon card through DVI Port

Extended monitor connected to built in VGA


The PC works for some hours or some days, after that it hang results no display in primary monitor which is connecte to Radeon Card and there is display in extended monitor but we cannot move mouse cursor, keyboard also not working.  It completely freeze and need to do force restart to restart the PC.


It is happening all the PCs.


We have done reinstalled Radeon drivers, updated bios, reinstalled on borad vga driver, updated to current drivers.  Even done clean install but problem does not solve.

All PCs and Radeon cards are brand new.  We have other pcs without Radeon card works fine.


We are sure the problem with Radeon cards.


Kindly tell us how to solve this issue, very frustrating.