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Catalyst Chipset Drivers Installer Issues!

Question asked by kaosmaster on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by yurtesen

Good Afternoon!!


So, To begin with I LOVE AMD Products! I recommend them frequently!


Here is my issue, and I am sure many others will agree with my assessment!


When I download your chipset drivers....NOT APU, and NOT GRAPHICS! I am trying to update a product that the OEM is not supporting, OR, The drivers they have are not CURRENT.


I have been RE-INSTALLING a Windows 10 x64 install on a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 Mainboard. I am using RAID, and am using SLI.


The Catalyst drivers package for Windows 10 is organized In a way that you cannot find the Appropriate drivers without knowing ALOT about computers! The Installer FAILS to install all the drivers required!!


Most people what things to just work! They want to be able to FIND the drivers if the INSTALLER does not give them the OPTION!




There is no FOLDER for the SB9xx CHIPSET!! These drivers I believe are suppose to be under the SB8xx, But this fact is UNCLEAR!

There are some Folders That use Development NAMES, The Structure should be Uniform!!!

There are Duplicate FOLDERS!! One is titled RAID the NEXT is Titled RAID_svr!! WHICH ONE AMD?!?!?!


here is my idea to help you out AMD!!

The folder structure should follow a Set pattern! So lets begin on the first 1.

You need the "Catalyst Chipset Installer" and two folders.... "x86" and "x64".

The INSTALLER will detect the Version of Windows That is running as well as the Hardware IDs of Products Present!!! Then Hand-OFF to the Appropriate folders Installer.


Now under each Folder there are the Bin, Config, Images, and Packages Folders.

The x86 Folder should Contain only the Files for a 32 BIT OS. NO 64 BIT, and the same For 64 BIT, NO 32 BIT! This includes all the Applications that you are releasing for 64 BIT that are actually coded in 32! There should not be a need after this long to still keep coding in OLD METHODS!


NOW, Under the PACKAGES folder, There should be a set of Folders for Each OS.

XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win 8.1, Win10. With this there is no NEED to assign an Architecture Notation to the Folders because it has been Accomplished Earlier!

then Under these Folders you can create the Folders for Apps and drivers.

and within those folders you can create a folder for each Driver.

IOV, 3GIO, GPIO, AHCI, RAID, SMBUS, UART, I2C.....and so on!!!!


NOW!! With that structure in place each driver is named appropriately! If a device requires a Specialized Change to the driver, a different INF and Subsequent files should be Created for it, and it's Hardware ID Should be removed from the Standardized one! As well as each chipset and Hardware ID's Should Use separate INFs.


This will actually assist with saving your Company time and Money in identifying issues in the Future!! As well as Helping Individuals To install the Correct ITEMS!


NOW!! The Final TIDBIT!!

The installer should display ALL of the OPTIONS that are available, and only the APPROPRIATE Drivers and Software should be "Check-Marked" for Installation! BUT, if the USER wishes to install the other OPTIONS, they can select the CHECK-BOX!!


AND.....You should NOT install OLD MICROSOFT SOFTWARE TO NEWER SYSTEMS THAT DO NOT SUPPORT IT!!! This means that the NEEDED Software be UNDER THE APPROPRIATE FOLDERS!! And separate installer routines be USED!


NOW!! Can you please create an installer package that installs the RAID, 3GIO, IOMMU, And RAIDXpert drivers for Windows 10! Cause your one now.....Does NONE of IT!!!! And I shouldn't have to Download a Separate FULL Installer for RAIDXpert...that also does not install RAID Drivers!!! ONE UNIFIED Driver and APP System PLEASE!! And NO DEVELOPMENT Garbage to END USERS!!!


Thank you for your TIME!!