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AMD A10 7870K Driver updates cause computer to randomly shut off while playing certain games.

Question asked by sonicnerd14 on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by sonicnerd14

I've had this issue on a few different occasions in the past, and then out of nowhere it seemed to have fixed itself, but after downloading the 15.9.1 update I'm starting to think its driver related. The last driver I had was 15.7.1 which was work even better after the previous one before it. I was playing Rainbow Six Siege beta yesterday after updating to 15.9.1, and then all of a sudden mid game computer just shuts off. So I sit, and I'm just thinking to myself.... again!? Cycled Power a couple times, and started the computer back up, and for the rest of the day I played it I had no issue. Went back to playing again, and then all of a sudden guess what? It shut down in the heat of the game, and yes its really frustrating. Previously, I thought that this may be related to overheating, but I checked that on multiple occasions, and I almost certain that's not the case anymore. This happened to me before with Dead Space 3, and this was before 15.7.1, but I should mention Dead Space 3 is most certainly not an intensive game, so why is this happening? So it must be driver related. I do like the fact that each driver update brings my Frame rates in games up higher and slightly higher with this chip, which means you guys are doing some pretty good optimizations on the performance side, but to have an issue like of this kind kinda counter acts the gains. If anyone can help me out on my end that would be great, but otherwise I would recommend this to be fixed in an upcoming driver update, and no longer occur in future ones to come.