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Audio and video issue

Question asked by falajames on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by warpfact0r10

Good afternoon. I upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit and I'm in trouble. After rebooting everything is fine, boh video and audio. But after a while sound and video became messy, how can I say, extremely slow. It doesn't matter if I'm playing, watching videos or blu rays, or simply listening to mp3 (in this case just audio is messy, obviously).


I have the most updated drivers (XFTI_PCDRV_L11_2_40_0012 for Creative X fi Titanium SB0880) and Catalyst 15.7.1 for Radeon HD 7800 series. Windows 10 updated.


I' ve already tried everything, disabling and enabling drivers (both creative and hdmi audio driver of ATI video card), uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, reinstalling Windows, everything, really, and nothing at all.


I also thought that the problem might be related to the video driver. But I removed/disabled all audio drivers, started watching a video and no problem was observed (extremely slow motion). So the problem might be with the audio driver.


Please help me.