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R7 260X freeze, bluescreen

Question asked by yoghurt13 on Oct 4, 2015

So the problem is: Freezing, while NOT under 3D load. (Memory clock jumps to 1250mhz from 150mhz then back very quickly one after another) The whole computer just randomly freezes, with the audio "stopping" and cracking, no more mouse movement or keyboard input. Before the freeze, there is usually a 3-5 second strangeness, the mouse still moves, but I can't click anything. And I often catch the freeze as a bluescreen: THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER.


Things I tried already*: (PC specs at the end)

-The computer was not overclocked when this started to happen.

-Updating, resetting, tweaking bios did not help.

-Updating drivers, then reverting drivers

-Starting in safe mode

-Trying out windows 7, then 8, 8.1, 10 happens with all of them.

-Testing each of my RAM, no errors

-Testing HDD


Could this be a faulty driver, or a faulty GPU? Or a faulty PSU may be doing these fancy stuff?


PC specs:

-MSI 970 Gaming motherboard

-AMD FX 6300 @3,5ghz w/ Arctic 13 cooler

-FSP Hexa+ 500W

-Western Digital 1TB EZEX 64mb

-ASUS R7 260X 2GB

-2xKingston HyperX Savage 4GB 1866MhZ CL9