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    Using VCE Dxtory


      I am a frequent user of the VCE codec that was recently pulled from support and am aware that there is still the codec in the Media SDK for AMD which is also used in the Gaming Evolved App. Is there a way to custom install the codecs from the SDK so that I can continue to use my GPU's h.264 encoder to render my videos?

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          Hi Colton,


          Welcome! I am white-listing you, so you can post questions directly in the relevant forums. I am also moving this post to the Media SDK forum, where you should get useful answers from the experts. Happy posting!



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            I think you are a bit mistaken in your question. What has been removed has been some old APIs that were already deprecated for some time. The problem you have is that you are using DXTory with the OpenEncodeVFW codec. That codec will no longer work with newer drivers because the API it interfaces with has been removed. The only way you can use again DXTory with HW acceleration is to  use a codec that implements the new AMF-DEM APIs which AFAIK doesn't exist yet. Or return to an older driver so that OpenEncodeVFW still can work.


            With the Gaming Evolved app and other screen capture software  you shouldn't have any problem because they have been updated to the new APIs.