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AMD Radeon R5 M230 - not working

Question asked by lori3 on Oct 4, 2015



I recently bought a Lenovo G510 notebook whit: --Intel Core i5 4210M @ 2.60GHz  

                                                                           --RAM: 4,00GB DDR3

                                                                           --Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Lenovo)

                                                                            --2048MBATI AMD Radeon R5 M230 Series (Lenovo)


I installed all the drivers, from the added CD whitout any problems, but when i started GTA V, it ran very laggi.I know that the GTA V has big requirements, but at those settings it ran just too slowly.

So i searched on the internet and found out, that i should "swich" graphics from Intel to AMD. I did it but the game didn't start whit the AMD, it started a process but the screen didn't change at all, and after about 40 seconds the process stopped aswell. I tried the same thing whit many games and apps, but the same tihng happened.


I searched 3 days for it but i found nothing usefull, i w reinstalled the drivers about 6-7 times from the latest drivers got from the internet, but none helped, but the last one shows me a screen when i try to start AMD catalyst, whit the message : You'r graphics card is not working properly or there is no driver --- or something similar whit this.


Thanks for support !