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HDMI reboots PC

Question asked by arminv on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by warpfact0r10

Hi Everyone,


First post in here.

Tried to search for an answer, sound similar issues with other users but no solution for my case.


I have a Gigabyte E350N (Ver 3.0) motherboard with AMD E350D APU with Radeon Graphics, Running Windows 10.

PC is connected to a TV with HDMI cable (Via amplifier).


Since upgrading from Windows 8.1 and upgrading drivers, PC reboots whenevr TV input is changed to HDMI.

Basically if TV is in HDMI I PC works fine, if input is changet to something else and then back to HDMI (PC) then PC reboots.


Followed recommendations to fully remove driver, update them, tried beta version as well, older versions but nothing worked.

There is no Bios update for this MB as well.


It is clearly a driver issue, because when I remove driver and disable automatic download/install of drivers, Windows installs its own driver, which works fine but the audio through HDMI does not work any more as wells as I can not do display scaling.


Any help with this issue would be appreciated, really don't want to downgrade to 8.1.