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s10000 hydro?

Question asked by stylus on Oct 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by stylus

EK-FCS10000 full cover single-slot water cooling for AMD s10000

should have been beautiful solution for EVGA SR-2  dual Xeon 5690,

allowing a doubling of x2 to x4 s10000 with small blowers between.

Unfortunately EK-FCS10000 is end-of-life and largely unavailable now.

I will not be acquiring a fourth s10000 6 GB or upgrading to 12 GB if

an alternate similar cooling solution is not found. Suggestions?

Furthermore, I will not be requiring AMD ECC graphics for several additional SR-2 builds.

This is most unfortunate as the s10000 were to be my future PCI v3 ready solutions.

Why not we browbeat EK into a few more or find a specialist to make a limited edition?

It seems to me not having such a hydro block cheapens the s10000 12 GB considerably.