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HELP !! Can't by any chance update gpu drivers past 12.10...

Question asked by islandviking on Oct 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by islandviking

NO matter what driver i try to install past 12.10 is just a disaster.. (video link at bottom)


***Gpu is HD7870***


Ok it started by me buying a new pc before the 12.10 update so I was able make a few successful updates till the 12.11 came out and my problems began.

I was on windows 7 back then which came with the pc. I've done clean install unclean and everything in between.. around 3 years ago i gave the pc to my friend and we've done a few tries every now and then but always the same problem.. now we just did the win10 upgrade and the the win10 clean install and...... STILL the problem.. I just can not understand what or why it's like this..


Picture from his clean install



As you see it's just a whole lot worse than before..


Video from when I had the PC

AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver update ***** my screen up !! - YouTube


My question is... What can I do to fix this other than just be stuck on fossil drivers (12.10)?


PS. Booting in safe mode works when you've guessed your way through the troubleshooting options on win10.. not sure if the gpu is active in that mode though


EDIT:::::::: Halloooooooo ????!!!!!!! is any1 there ???????