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Issue with Intel HD 4600 and Radeon 8970M Windows 10

Question asked by pwndxd on Oct 3, 2015

My Clevo has a LED that indicates whether I am using my integrated graphics card (Intel HD 4600) or dedicated (Radeon HD8970M). So what is happening is that the LED is always blinking indicating that is always switching between the two cards. I have checked with Open Hardware Monitor and is activating my Radeon every 5 seconds. This happening in battery mode and AC and all the settings are correct and I have used this machine in windows 8.1 with similar settings and I had no issue at all. The worse thing is that the pc freezes after half an hour or so and the only way to avoid this is by deactivating my Radeon on the Windows Device Manager. I have tried fresh Windows 10 installs, multiple drivers from Intel and AMD and no luck. So this makes me suspect that the issue is related with your drivers in Windows 10. Please address this situation.