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How do I fix blackscreen?

Question asked by thomaso on Oct 2, 2015

Hello, I have gotten blackscreen on my computer the past couple of weeks. I have tried reinstalling windows twice. Windows 10 first. then back to windows 8.1. It happens everytime I try to install AMD catalyst. I use a AMD Sapphire HD 7950. What is wierd is that when I use HDMI screen gives message that it doesn't support this video mode. It does work with DVI and this is the case on 3 different monitors. Last week I got it working for a day with hdmi. I was then able to play games. That changed the next day and now I am not able to boot normally. I sometimes see flickering (some of the screen).Also a week ago I got atikmdag.sys bluescreen multiple times. That seems to have dissapeared now, but thought it could be useful.


What can I do. Please help.


I am using an AMD Sapphire HD 7950.

64bit computer