What are your some of your favorite PC games, that you felt were underrated and underappreciated?

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I thought it might be an easy going, as well as interesting conversation for us all to have here in the Red Team forums in regards to what each of us believes to be our top most underrated or underappreciated PC games.


We all have our own personal perception and experiences with each game we play. Some of the games we instantly fell in love with, that others wouldn't give a chance for differing reasons such as poor reviews, can now be brought to others attention because you were willing to give that game a chance when others wouldn't.


As we all know perception is an individual experience, so if you truly enjoyed a game to it's fullest, who knows? Maybe, you listing that game here with conviction, will intrigue someone else here in the AMD community to give it a try. Considering the affordability of digital downloads these days, taking a risk that you weren't willing to when a game released makes it much easier.


Yet, quite a few games end up simply being forgotten over time and with the oversaturation of available PC titles these days, it makes them more difficult to discover again. Steam's discovery queue hasn't helped that as much as I had hoped, personally.


If nothing else, maybe it will spark conversation between AMD RED TEAM community members and we'll all get to know each other a bit better. So, I hope you'll all take part in this common ground discussion, because if there's anything that we all obviously enjoy, it's gaming.


Simply list whatever games come to mind first, add more that you remember down the road if any, but most importantly have fun and become involved. There's no minimum amount of games that need to be listed, so if you only have one that comes to mind, list it. If you have dozens, then list those as well. I'm sure we'll all have that "Oh yeah, I forgot about that game" moment at some point, during this threads existence.


Looking forward to reading your responses and hopefully seeing a few games that I forgot about myself.



Have a nice day to all here in the AMD RED TEAM forums and thank you for taking the time to view this thread.


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