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R9 - M265X Windows 10 Lag Issues

Question asked by xxair_forcexx on Oct 3, 2015

I have upgraded to windows 10 recently and i have tried playing some games like gta v or far cry 4 and others, and in all of them i been having some lag spikes and frame drops that did not happen in windows 8.1
I used ddu to try out all the diferent version drivers for my graphics card and they all give me lag.
On the gta v it seams i have gained a couple of fps on the upgrade but then the lag just makes it very unpleasent to play.
I tryed  all the litle things out to make it work and even on the worst graphical settings of any game it gives me lag.
When the lag spikes happen the sound cuts off as well a lot of the times for miliseconds.

I have a Toshiba Stellite P50-B-103 with a I7-4700HQ and 8 gb of ram.
Please help!
Thanks in advance.