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cs:go smoke "fake fix", real fix needed.

Question asked by kadapbveiktu on Oct 2, 2015

Hello AMD users, devs (if you reading this).
I used to have normal performance with all (dx9) games (while using (modded) 14.8 AMD's drivers version),
but I had to reinstall my windows not that long time ago and then journey bagan.
Don't want to make this post long, so long story short:


1) Specs

Dell vostro 3560.

i7, 8gb ram, 7600m (1gb vram) (OC'd to 780MHz Core clock and 1000MHz memory clock ) series graphics card

Windows 7 pro, Catalyst version: 15.7
With latest Intel's drivers.


2) Problem
Huge fps drop while being on edge of the smoke.
(This has been reported by many AMD and even several NVIDIA users
so that makes me believe it might not be problem associated with drivers).


3) "Fake fix"


Enabling AA in game or in CCC fixes smoke lag.
Now wait, what? How can you get more fps by actually using more vram?


Running game in windowed mode.

Running game in full screen windowed.
(That's where my mind was actually blown.)
Running game in 1024x768 resolution while suffering from smoke lag fps was ~40.
While running it in 1080p Full screen windowed, there was ~43 fps at same location.


4) Conclusion
I'm not a professional to understand if this problem is related to game, AMD drivers or even Intel's.
What I can say is that I tried all latest Intel's drivers, all drivers from AMD from 14.4 to 15.8b (both original and modded) that I have found.
It took a lot of time (about a week) to try every possible configuration with mentioned drivers.
And this whole post is not even about the (dx9) game's that now run slow as hell while encountering any kind of bigger particle system (dx11 games runs just fine).

It's because I was so bothered by the fact that it actually is ridiculous and nobody even found a fix nor made one, so I felt that I have to throw it out somewhere and this was the best place i thought of.


I hope that someone actually find this helpful, as well as I hope that solution will be found.