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    Black Screen - MSI R9 390x


      Hi everyone,

      unfortunately i have a problem with my new MSI R9 390x. I bought the card a week ago and installed it right away. I could use a monitor with it and my PC was running without problems. Yesterday i wanted to try some games for the first time but had to face an issue. I tried two games so far and both didnt work for me. Assassins Creed Black Flag crashes immediately after the loading screen. My screen turns black and says "no signal". The sound keeps playing for a few seconds and turns in a loud noise (buzzing sound). It seems like the computer is still running but rebooting is my only option.


      Thank you very much for your replies!


      My System:

      MSI R9 390X

      AMD FX 6100

      Asus M5A97 R 2.0

      Techsolo STP-650

      Windows 10

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          I have virtually the same setup as you but am running CrossfireX. For the game your having trouble with stability try deleting the xml file found in documents. For example in GTA V it's located in documents/rockstar games/gta 5 and is the only xml file at this location and is normally the bottom one , this stores the graphic settings and any custom kb/m settings you have made. It will clear old settings and generate a new file. It worked for me.....so far!