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Reboot loop after install Amd gpu driver

Question asked by hedberg1980 on Oct 2, 2015

I  have built a computer to a friend that  wanted a cheap  new machine .

so i  ordered a AMD upgrade  with motherboard Cpu and memory 

everything works fine until i install the drivers for AMD GPU . 

So now it only reboot all the time doenst even get a bluescreen  probably because the driver crash and  screen gets black and then it restarts .

And if i remove Catalyst control and  Amd driver the computer works as it should  exept from the GPU of course .


This problem have  made me to buy a new Graphicboard to my own computer  that also got this  problem after a upgrade from  an old omega driver .


So  please  AMD driver developers make something right for once


any suggestions what i  should do