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AMD Radeon HD 7970M Driver Problems

Question asked by madsn on Oct 1, 2015
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Hy Ladies and Gentleman!


I am writing concerning a problem caused by the latest drivers for my graphic card. (AMD Radeon HD 7970M)

First off all I am new to this forum and I am thankfull to have the chance to tell you my concerns.

Also I am not an english speaker (Austria) so please have an unsterstanding, if you don't get something I wrote.


4 days ago I got my Alienware Laptop back from Dell. It was in repair because the graphic card was broken. In the last days I experienced graphic issues in various games. From games like Witcher 2 which are completely unplayable to Rome 2 which doesnt detect my graphic card to Dota 2 which I can play, but still I can experience lags or spikes.


I already checked my laptop for Windows Updates, which are all up to date. Second thing I did was checking my graphic card for the latest driver. First of all when I press the button to "search for new driver" it tells me that everything is up to date. (current driver 9.1) Since i checked the latest driver, I found out that the latest driver is something about 15.7 or smth. I already tried to download and install it manually, since it couldnt find the driver automatically. After installing the driver I can't open any games anymore, because the Laptop tells me, that there is no 3D Device. So i checked dxdiag.exe and saw that there was no 3D Device activated.


Finally I made a backup, so my computer is now on the current driver 9.1.

The actuall problem is, when i am playing games like witcher 2, etc they are unplayable. please help me, when you got a clue what to do.


In case you need more information please tell me. I am not often in forums. Thank you for all answers.


DirectX 11

AMD Radeon HD 7970M

Intel Core i-7 2,70 Ghz


Windows 7 64bit


P.S I cant open catalyst Control Center with that patch. Even if i install it manually it doesn't work. Only with the latest (15.7) driver