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290x driver

Question asked by joetech3000 on Oct 1, 2015

I'm currently running 2 R9 290X (Sapphire) reference cards.

They are connected to 3 ASUS PB278Q monitors.


Currently running Windows 10, and the 15.6 Beta drivers.

If I perform a clean install of anything newer I have severe issues (artifacting, green lines, etc) after a short while.

Upon restart it clears and comes back again shortly.


When going back to the 15.6 Beta drivers, it works just fine without these issues.

Any suggestions?


My setup:


i7 4820K

Asus P9X79 MB

16 GB Ram GSKILL 2400

2 x R9 290X Sapphire reference models

PSU: Corsair AX 1200i