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ASUS ROG PG278Q 144hz - 15.xx drivers limit to 120hz & have annoying flickering at times

Question asked by pzombie on Oct 1, 2015

The problem is already known, but since it hasn't been fixed since months now, i want to bring it back to your attention at AMD.


I have two 7970 radeon cards in my system, currently running windows 10.


Installing any version of the 15.xx drivers, i am limited to 120hz rather than 144hz this monitor can do. On top of that, i am getting some annoying flickering/screen flashes at seemingly random times.


Going back to 14.xx versions of the AMD drivers (currently using 14.11.2 Beta catalyst version / 14.301-141117a-177808E driver packing version) the screen flashes go away and i am also able to use 144hz again.

(not so easy to install this driver on windows 10 - i had to do it through the device manager - plus, windows 10 will overwrite it at times without asking which will require a reinstall)


So my request is for some AMD employee to take a look at this and hopefully fix this issue in future versions of their drivers so owners of this monitor can also benefit of any improvements of the driver, plus avoid the annoying re-installing with windows 10 whenever it feels it has to update the driver again without asking for permission.