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AMD 6750M HD 1GB ran Skyrim perfectly at medium settings but after 2 days it couldn't even stay open the game front interface. It crashes without error.

Question asked by saadahmedsyed on Oct 1, 2015

Using Intel Core TM i7 2675, with radeon hd 6750 1gb and intel 3000. Skyrim was playable I was ear the temple where dragon map was to be found, later that day it started to crash without error just at starting screen of game where we choose to load or strat a new game.


No errors, I even reinstalled windows, updated my drivers through samsung recovery to the point where skyrim was running correctly. What could have made it malfunction?


Is thee a possibilty my card isnt functioning?


I also use sculptris and blender. Houdini as well as daz, they work ok. I have no idea why its happening with games that were running on my system good before.