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problem with 9590 cpu

Question asked by antisudias on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by savagebeastzero


case:corsair obsidian series 750d (4 fans)

psu:corsair gs600

cpu:amd fx 9590

cpu cooler:hydro series h105 240mm extreme performance liquid cpu cooler

mb:asrock 990fx extreme6

ram:2x4g corsair vengeance (1600)

hdd:1x seagate 1tb sata 3

hdd2:1xssd ocz vertex3 64g

gpu:2x ati hd7750

5.25":1x dvdrw


Hi all.I run this system about a month.The problems started when i upgraded the main combination CPU MB and CPU cooler(i bought them all new from reliable store.The pc started to not be stable (1.was freezing for 20-30 seconds on web browsing) (2 was freezing completely with blue screen of death) (3.was rebooting after format when i was installing ati drivers) (4.was completely failing to start,the fans and the lights in the case were starting normally but the screen of the pc was offpower).The last 2 days the pc fail to open most of the times (just the fans start the number 4 problem).I tried everything i could..I formated many times.I checked my temperatures (max50oc cpu and 30oc the mb)replaced rams replaced hdds replaced psu with a 800w replaced gpus the same problem....i turned off ofc turbo mode from bios  c3 c6 etc..Finally i plugged in my previous fx4100 and my system is completely stable.So i quess the problem is the CPU 9590..

Anyone have the same issues with me with this cpu?any help from amd?I paid 600 euro for the upgrade mb cpu and cooler and cant even start my pc...