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Glitching graphics - Laptop A4 3305M + 7690M 1gb gddr5

Question asked by amperes on Sep 30, 2015

Hello, i'm having some issues with my HP dv6-6c40br laptop since i've bough it. The problem seems to be related to the drivers, because this setup should run some games like League of Legends really smooth, and i only can play with acceptable frame rates on minimum settings. The offboard card seems to be better then some newest models like R5 M233, therefore doesn't make sense this lack of performance that i have, at almost every time i experienced fps quick drops even when no action at all is happenning.


I don't know, seems to me that the dual graphics doesn't work very well for this particular hardware(it uses onboard APU + offboard for graphics) and i really was hoping amd could release some driver fix for this.


PS: I've the latest driver always installed downloaded directly from AMD site.
PS2:I can't switch to fixed graphics mode to test. The bios doesn't have this option.