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No output from a FirePro 7100 with StarTech DP2DVIS

Question asked by richparnell on Sep 30, 2015



I am running a multi-display system for use with Dataton Watchout software, after a lot of research I determined that the W7100 was the most suitable card for my needs, I also purchased the StarTech DP2DVIS adapters after I found they were on the 'AMD Recommended Adapters' list.


However, I connected one of these adapters to output 1 of the FirePro card only to find that the monitor loses signal and goes to sleep.

If I remove the StarTech adapter and replace it with an unbranded cheap adapter from a local supplier, it works!


At this point, I am not running the Watchout software, I am just on the Windows (7 Pro) desktop.


Interestingly, if I reboot the PC, the monitor comes back on and shows me the BIOS and Windows loading screens and only cuts out after Windows has finished loading.

To me that suggests that the adapter itself works and its a setting within Windows that is causing it to go off.


Any help or suggestions as to where to go from here would be greatly appreciated!