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Windows 10 driver issues for both iMac 5k (R9 M295x) and HP Pavilion (Mobility Radeon 5650)

Question asked by jezrc11 on Sep 30, 2015

Good afternoon,


I have recently updated to Windows 10 on both my iMac 5K (R9 M295x) and HP Pavilion (Mobility Radeon 5650) and the drivers don't work on either. The iMac drivers don't work at all and the HP overheated within 5 minutes and shutdown.  I am now running 8.1 on the Mac (R9 works great) and Windows 7 on HP (MR5650 works great).  I have tried downloading the latest drivers for both but with no success.  Could someone please advise when the drivers for both the Mac and PC will become available? Many thanks