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    r7 240 not working


      why wont a r7 240 graphic card work on my dell XPS 8300 upgraded to windows 10?

      ive got a 460 watt power supply,  radeon 6450 currently installed,  6 gb ram, 1 tb hdd,  ive tried resetting the bios but nothing works.

      i turn off system, remove old card install new, and go to turn on the power light comes on but thats it. my screen registers a connection but then goes into sleep mode.

      any ideas?  thanks again.

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          Strange issues with your version of the XPS 8300.  no R series will work in it, only 5000.6000 and 7000 series.  we are currently investigating it

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            Unfortunately the Dell XPS 8300 and most of the HP H8 series computers don’t support cards with UEFI enabled bios.  You would need an older 6000 or 7000 series with the legacy bios, atleast until HP and Dell update the firmware for their motherboards.




            Mark at XFX

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                Does the Gateway DX4860 similarly not support the R7 240? I am experiencing the same issue.

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                    It should work.




                    Are you using any adapters?


                    Has it ever worked?


                    Have you tried any other video cards?


                    Have you tried it in any other computers?

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                        Thanks for replying, I have since updated the BIOS, and the r7 240 is still not working. To answer your questions:


                        No adapters, it is in the slot in the motherboard (unless I am completely misunderstanding your question)

                        It has never worked, I only bought it 29 Feb

                        My old Radeon HD 5570 still works fine.

                        I have not tried it in any other computers.



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                            Since the 5570 works fine. 4 major variables, 99% sure 1 of the items below is your issue.




                            1.        Are you using a dvi-vga adapter? The 240 might not support it if It has a native VGA already.


                            2.       The motherboard may not work with UEFI enabled GPU’s


                            3.       Or The 240 is dead on arrival. (did it work in another system?)


                            4.       You had it hooked up wrong and haven’t retried it since.




                            Thank you for getting back so quickly.  Let us know.