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Sapphire Nitro R9 390 4 screen problem

Question asked by shlomiabo on Sep 30, 2015

Hello There. I just purchased this card.


I know it should support up to maximum 5 outputs... (You can see in specification)


When trying to connect 3 screens (2 pc monitors with display port to hd cable and one TV via hd output) it works great.

But when trying to connect another screen (forth screen) via display port to hdmi cable there is a problem. Windows recognize the forth screen but when trying to activate the screen is says Unable to save display settings...

What is the right way to connect 4 screens and get picture on all of them please? and if i will want to connect fifth screen via the DVI output will it work?


This is the exact setup right now:


I connect two screens from video card DP output to monitors DVI input


With this DP to HDMI Cable


and this connector


and i connect another TV screen like this:


Via the HDMI output with regular HD cable to monitor HD input


and i try to connect forth screen like this


Via another DP output with the same cable and connector


but i cannot get picture on forth screen...


Would love your help...