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how to disable hdmi

Question asked by ezkiel on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by fsadough

So it seems like i have issue with my hdmi drivers and onboard audio drivers now to describe issue. Well mostly while watching some video trough browers or anything else windows crash with horizonal stripes follows which is easily solved with simple restart only problem is how often does it happen.


I'm not using hdmi prot at all but cant find a way to get rid of bugger for good, i did try some registry edit, but disabling hdmi controller disables even my onboard one (realtek hd audio) as well.

I did disable it with device manager but that didn't solve the problem as crashing still happens only not that often.


How am i even sure its conflict with those? Well usually my pc doesn't last even full hour without crash if watching something so what i did was to kill audio controller and poof 5h without the crash.

I don't expect that this issue will be solved with next driver update or what ever but would be nice to at least know how to get rid of it permanently as it alway keeps coming back.



Oh yeah its Windows 7 64 bit and ati r9 280x