Unable to install CCC since beta 15.8

Discussion created by shionsan on Sep 29, 2015

Subject totally related. When installmanagerapp is about to install CCC, two error messages pop up:


Application Install: install temporary folder is inaccessible

Application Install: install source package not found


I use 12Gb dynamic RamDrive for all temp folders that uses exFAT filesystem, and installing CCC was not a problem until beta 15.8 came up (so it is very unlikely that the problem is on my side). Setup itself also has an UI problem - component selection list behaves strange when you selecd/unselect any component for the first time. OS is Windows 8.1 x64. Hardware is MSI GX70 3BE notebook.


I already reported this via support-site, even before beta 15.8, but AMD seems to be either deaf/blind or simply doesn't care, as here comes beta 15.9 with the same pack of problems.


My request is simple: please fire the man/woman/monkey/creature whoever programmed this bug-ridden installation platform and hire someone who can make a proper setup application. It would also be nice to find a replacement to whoever made support form, as he clearly doesn't know what AMD's APU specifications are.


Start hiring people, please. The ones with brains.