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Amd Radeon 6850 and LG L245WP display problems with never drivers. (slipped pictures)

Question asked by envagyok on Sep 29, 2015
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I have Radeon 6850 vga. with LG L245WP monitor, and Windows. With old drivers (2014. 04. 17. i dont have any problems. But i last days installed Windows 10, and it always switch to newer drivers.

With never drivers the picture is slipped vertically, horizontally, i cant see the left and top side the desktop, and at bottom and right side i can see black bar. The screen is brighter as normal, and more vibrant, isnt good quality. When i manually remove the driver, and install old as above, then again everything fine for couple of days, but Windows 10 always automatically install never drivers. I tried hacks to prevent update driver, but then install new driver too, but rarely.

I think it is EDID problem. Can it fix at next driver release, or what can i do?


Thanks for help, regards.