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Any way to post build logs here?

Question asked by adr_tech on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by jamesc359

I would like to post a build log here on the AMD forums of my Wall mounted PC project!


I do already have one on, but I want to bring it here to the AMD forums since its going to be an AMD build.


I hope you guys get excited about it! The people on don't seem to be as excited as I thought although there has been some delay with the wrap and SSD. This is of course going to be for my dad and not me, so it might go a little slow paced.


Here is the OCN forum: [Build Log] Wall mounted AMD PC (videos will be made too!)


And the part 1 video up on youtube:


Hope you guys get interested, and help me find a place for this...

Maybe sam.tehrani could help me