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gta 5 low gpu usage hd 7850

Question asked by unskilledvayne on Sep 28, 2015

Hi all . I am new on this forum so and got a very annoying problem . I got the HD 7850 sapphire non oc version ( oc-ed by me  ) 2gb . Fx 8300 , 12gb hyper x fury 1866 mhz . I got a problem that my gpu usage sits arround 60-70 % even when fps is arround 40 . Cpu usage never goes more than 70-75 % , amd catalyst 15.7.1 drivers installed , windows 10. I feel like problem is getting even worse when i drive FAST in the city. When i dont move its 99 % and fps is good , but when i start driving like maniac fps drops , same sa gpu usage . Droping from easily reached 60 fps to 40ish is annoying , we all know that feel. Any help is welcome !