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USB problems on ASRock 970M Pro3 mother board

Question asked by grampajim on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by grampajim

I am building a new mid size tower system with an ASRock mother board, and continue to have USB problems that installing new drivers for has not helped.  I have only one usb thumb drive that will even read - and old 64k no-name stick.  I have various others from 4mb to 64gb, including one usb3 64gb. It will, however, read my 2tb external drive, and my usb printer works!


Processor is an AMD FX-6100 Six core, have 8gb of ram (EVGA superclocked 4GB x2 1600 C9 DDR3) with no overclocking.


I even tried reinstalling Win 7 home premium and starting over - same results.


I'm out of ideas.  Any help would be appreciated